About me


I'm a communicator, organiser, writer and creative focussing on culture and systems change to eradicate poverty, inequality, white supremacism and patriarchy, to regenerate the environment and support the transition to a post-capitalist world. I spent years as part of The Rules international culture hacking collective, founder of the British Empire State of Mind colonial narrative project and author of Development Truths, a critical development blog. I also make poems and pictures. I love to dance.

I know it's typical to quote a dead white man as a source of wisdom, but a Socrates quote really does resonate with me: "I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think".

As I go through my own deschooling process, it's not only that I can't teach, it's also that I don't want to. I do, however, think and spend a lot of time doing/saying/making things that asks questions; about what's deeply wrong; how and why we got here and about what's possible.

I believe that working in community and solidarity to develop an in-depth, ongoing critique of what's wrong, coupled with creative, deeply diverse, pragmatic envisioning of a more beautiful world that works for all, might just get us there.